BSK’s presence at the top international show for pumps, valves and pipelines

  • BSK’s presence at the top international show for pumps, valves and pipelines

Date: June 25-27, 2014
Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
Organizer: CHC Expo
Co-organizers: Shanghai General Machinery Industry Association, Fluid Engineering Professional Committee under Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society, and the Professional Committee of Building Water Supply and Drainage under the Architectural Society of Shanghai
Undertaken by: Shanghai Aoguang Exhibition Planning Co.,Ltd.
Show Background
With the stable and healthy development of our national economy, such industries as pumps, pipelines and valves have received a considerable development in industry, civil facilities, chemical industry and transport. In the application process continuously emerge a great number of demands for the products suitable for the particular environment, as well as the acute shortages of market supplies in a short time. In order to link the end-users with the research and production enterprises more closely, we organized FlowEx China, a domestically top fair of pumps, valves and pipelines to build a bridge on the basis of this fair so as to help the end users purchase the qualified equipment under the circumstances that the R&D institutions find the producers and the producers find the end users. We hope this industry can develop more healthily and stably.

Show Review
2013 FlowEx wrapped up successfully on June 7. This show with exhibition area of 25,000 square meters attracted 411 exhibitors and 16,245 buyers. During this show the exhibitors demonstrated the industrially advanced solutions while showing a large number of new technical products. Besides, it still hosted such professional conferences as 2013 Pump Technology Summit Forum, the Conference for Chemical Application of Pumps, Valves and Pipelines -- ChemFlow, the Conference for Engineers of Building Water Supply and Drainage in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pump and Valve Export Fair to give the attendants an impressive industry gathering, having been highly praised and recognized by the attendants.

2014 FlowEx China will expand to 30,000 square meters on the original basis. It is expected to attract 23,000 trade visitors and more than 2,000 overseas buyers, in order to create a direct and efficient trading platform for enterprises.
Chemical and environmental exhibits accenting visitor advantages
This show will highlight the characteristics of chemical visitors and invite the visitors from the chemical enterprises, engineering companies, general construction contractors and project design institutes for proposed projects in progress according to the purchase source of chemical projects all over the world. In addition, the organizer will also invite the trading visitors from the domestically large chemical enterprises and pharmaceutical parks to guarantee the high quality of chemical visitors.

Assembling the industrially topping distributors and agents
Distributors and agents have topped all the visitors in the show. The organizer will, from the databank of 300,000 visitors, carefully single out the distributors and agents most relative to the pumps, valves and pipelines and attract them to come for business talk with exhibitors through linked promotion on network, magazine, SE and mass media.

Luxurious Lineup of Exhibitors
The organizer of the previous shows has plunged huge human, material and financial resources in the organization of visitors, achieving more than 95% of exhibitors’ satisfaction. The exhibitors for the previous show are Mono Pumps Ltd, PSG, Verder, Xylem, Wilton, ,U-flo Pimps, ShinMaywa, Hitachi, Borger, Fluidra, Pentair, Kubota, Germany Sihi Pumps, GSD, Iwaki China, Finland NOVO, LEO, Bangpu Pumps; EBRO, Spanish TTV, ACTREG, FESTO, AVK, SMC, Stubbe, Zhengdie, CNVA and other valve and actuator enterprises; Gorge-Fischer, Borouge, Agru, Saint-Gobain, TOYOX, GLYNWED, Chinaust Group Corporation, Watson and other pipeline companies, which showed visitors the latest technologies and products.

Buyer Invitation Plan
More than 50 professional associations are organized to visit this show. Related industrial associations in the Yangtze River Delta to oil, chemical, environmental protection, construction, electricity, food and medicine do whatever they can to help. In addition, the professional associations from Korea, Japan, India, Arab countries, the United States, Malaysia and other regions will also organize overseas buyer groups to come.

The ultra-large-scale call center will invite visitors by telephone to ensure through rounds of selection that the present buyers are more targeted and professional. For overseas buyers, we will invite the excellent buyers from Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East to meet the various exhibitors’ needs.

The database of 300,000 visitors and the industrial data from the authoritative media are used to carry out the blanket invitation through mass delivery of invitations, faxes and emails to the target visitors.

Exhibit Scope
Pumps and Compressors / Valves and Actuators / Piping and Fittings / Seals and Related Parts / Works and Services / Testing and Certification / Automation